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The Library is Officially Open: Top Things Real Estate Agent Hate

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Full disclaimer: We’re writing this post with love in our hearts and some cat-eyed sunglasses perched high on our noses. It’s time to throw some shade! 

Did you know that real estate agents are among the most hated professionals in the world? We sit just below politicians and just above traffic cops. What a place to be! 

I’m sure so many people have horror stories about real estate agents who have wronged them in the past but have you ever thought that maybe the agent was a little bit justified? How do you know if your real estate agent actually hates you?

This post is all in good fun, we love all of our clients, but you know what? Real estate agents take a lot of heat, so now it’s time for us to throw some shade because, as any RuPaul’s Drag Race fan knows, reading is what? Fundamental! 

We know that buying or selling real estate can be a stressful situation. So let’s have a little fun. With that, here are some of our top real estate agent’s pet peeves. Are you guilty of any of these?

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Buyer’s Agent Pet Peeves

We spoke with our resident buyer’s agent here at Homeplicity, Nicole Shlass. Here are her top four pet peeves:

The Eager Beaver 

This is the person who calls, and calls, and calls. But they don’t only call us. That would be fine. We love hearing from you. No, The Eager Beaver takes it a step further and calls the listing agent. Heck, maybe they even call the seller.

Do. Not. Do. This. 

This is probably one of the biggest no-nos for buyers. In today’s digital world, it’s so easy to find people online, whether you connect on LinkedIn or slide into the seller’s Instagram DMs, please, please, please restrain yourself from contacting a seller in any way shape, or form. 

You have hired a buyer’s agent to handle all of this for you and 10/10 times when a buyer reaches out to a seller, the results are bad. You might feel like writing a letter to the seller might help you stand out, but in reality, you end up looking more like The Watcher.

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The Big Ego

When someone says, “it’s the principle of the thing,” that’s how we know the deal is beyond saving. Grenades have been thrown into the room, the door is shut, and there is no chance of us getting back together–like ever. Everyone has a bit of an ego, even agents! But when a transaction starts to devolve to the point of buyers doing things just to spite the seller, that is never a good thing. 

As agents, our job is to make sure that everyone’s egos are in check, which is why we would never share petty remarks or a play-by-play of what happens between agents with a seller. It’s unnecessary, it could hurt someone’s feelings, and ultimately it will negatively impact the purchase. 

The Window Shopper 

Trust us. If you need to see 100 houses before you find “The One” that is totally fine. As long as the browsing is productive and you aren’t just being a nosey looky-loo. Sorry if that’s harsh, but we’ve seen it too many times when a buyer just wants to see everything–even homes out of their budget. 

The issue becomes when human nature kicks in. If you see a home that is stunning, but out of your budget, that home will automatically become the standard, and you won’t be able to get it out of your head. It does not set you up for success. 

Another thing to consider: The market moves fast, so if you waste time looking at properties you can’t afford, by the time you get to the houses in your budget, you might not be able to afford those either. Affordability comes down to more than just the listing price. 

The Lowballer 

You can’t lowball an offer on a home just because the vibes are off. True lowball offers are usually completely unjustified. The buyer might feel in their heart that their offer makes sense, but without data to back it up, we have absolutely no leg to stand on. 

Going to a listing agent with a lowball offer without any reason behind why the offer is so low is not only embarrassing for you as a buyer, but it’s embarrassing for both agents involved, and it has the potential to insult the seller, closing the door for any potential negotiations. 

Real estate agents are required, by law, to share every single offer with their clients. If your offer is randomly low without any rhyme or reason why it’s just not a good look. 

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Listing Agent Pet Peeves

As a listing agent myself, I can absolutely verify that these pet peeves are the worst. Like that famous scene in Jerry Maguire, “Help me, help you!” Here are my top three pet peeves for sellers. 

The Liar 

“Buyers are liars” is a common turn of phrase in the industry. And I can personally vouch for it in some cases. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am so happy to talk to people and welcome all listing inquiries, but for goodness sake, let us know if you are already working with an agent! 

I get it. Sometimes your buyer’s agent lives out of town, maybe they’re on holiday, or maybe they have a full-time job, but if you are working with a buyer’s agent, we really need to know. You’re not going to get in trouble, you just need to be transparent. 

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The Surprise Decision-Maker 

I think you’ll see a theme with my pet peeves soon enough. Now picture this: You want to sell your home. I meet with you and do my entire presentation, showing you all the amazing things I’m going to do to get you the best price for your home. At the end of the presentation, we’re both ready to get started. But wait. You have to talk to your partner/spouse/parent before making any decisions. 

Womp womp. That is a huge bummer! 

Now we have to start from scratch and go over everything again. Personally, I think having a second decision-maker, a neutral third party, or a lifeline when selling your home is a great idea. I have a lifeline of my own, (hi, Dad!) The thing that really grinds my gears is when clients are not upfront about it. 

Just tell us about your lifeline. They should be there from the start. 

The Free Spirit

This is a two-for-one because it’s the type of person that makes a listing agent and a buyer’s agent run in the opposite direction. It’s the person who is lackadaisical and just constantly tells us, “don’t worry about it!” 

You know what. When someone says “don’t worry about it,” the very first thing I do is to start worrying about it. Whether it comes to your financing, your timeline, or anything else pertaining to the sale or purchase of a home, things should be planned out. No secrets!

Don’t tell us not to worry unless you want to make us worry. 

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The Library is Now Closed

Wow, that felt good. Are there any real estate agent pet peeves you’d like to share? We’re a big proponent of being able to take a good jab, especially if we’re willing to dish it out ourselves! 

If you have some agent pet peeves you’d like to share for our next video and blog, head over to our YouTube right here and leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you! 

And if you’re thinking about buying or selling in Toronto, we’re always happy to help, as long as you don’t fit into any of the categories above! I’m mostly kidding, but if you have any questions about the market or want to learn more about your options, you can call or text me at 647-973-8392 today!

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