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Toronto’s Loft Luxe List: Where Dreams Meet Beams

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Ever find yourself scrolling through pages of gorgeous real estate, a cup of coffee in one hand, and your dreams in the other? Well, today’s your lucky day because we’re about to dive into a virtual tour of Toronto’s most lavish lofts. These aren’t just any lofts; they’re the cream of the crop, the top of the market, where the sale prices make your eyes pop! Think of this as your personal episode of “Lofts of Luxury,” brought to you by your friends at Homeplicity Realty Group, Keller Williams in Toronto. So, buckle up! We’re about to explore the spaces where exposed beams meet seamless dreams.

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The Butterick Building: Loft Living, But Make It Fashion

468 Wellington St. W., in the pulsating heart of Toronto’s Financial District

Imagine stepping out of a private elevator into your 5,200 ft² loft. That’s not just spacious; that’s “I could play hide and seek and not find someone for days” spacious. The Butterick Building at 468 Wellington St. W. isn’t just about size; it’s about that high-end feel. With only 11 units, it’s like being part of an exclusive club where everyone knows your name (but respects your privacy because, hello, loft living). A sale hitting the $6 million mark? It screams, “I’ve arrived… and I brought my grand piano with me.” Originally an exclusive fashion and textiles hub, this building’s conversion into lofts added a layer of haute couture to its already rich history.

One Columbus: Where Every Day Is A Design Magazine Shoot

One Columbus Ave., nestled in the vibrant Roncesvalles neighbourhood

Next, we sashay over to One Columbus, where the lofts are so gorgeous, they make you want to redecorate every six months just for fun. The top sale sold for a cool $3,745,000, these spaces are where your Pinterest board comes to life. Polished concrete floors? Check. Hardwood that tells a story? Double check. That “I can’t believe I live here” feeling? Oh, you bet. It’s less of a loft and more of a love letter to luxury. Once a bustling Rawlings baseball glove factory, this building was masterfully converted in 1996, weaving the rich tapestry of its industrious past with modern architectural genius.

Tip Top Lofts: Art Deco Meets Modern Deco

637 Lake Shore Blvd. W., gracing Toronto’s picturesque Waterfront

Now, let’s paint a picture: you, sipping espresso on a plush sofa, gazing out over Toronto’s waterfront, the iconic Tip Top Tailors sign lighting up the skyline. At Tip Top Lofts, that’s just a Tuesday. With the priciest suite selling for $3,325,000, these lofts blend Art Deco charm with modern luxury, creating spaces that are as unique as they are stunning. It’s the kind of place where you’d expect Gatsby to throw a party, only it’s your party, and everyone’s on the guest list. This architectural marvel, originally the home of Tip Top Tailors, underwent its transformation into lofts in 2005, preserving its fashionable legacy while embracing residential chic.

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Toy Factory Lofts: Where Your Inner Child Gets A Loft

43 Hanna Ave., at the heart of Liberty Village

Jumping over to Liberty Village, the Toy Factory Lofts at 43 Hanna Avenue are where whimsy meets brick. These lofts, reaching a max sale price of $2,825,000, are a testament to Toronto’s ability to blend the historical with the hip. With over 3,000 ft² of space, it’s like living in your own personal gallery, where the art is your life. Exposed brick, concrete ceilings, and windows that have seen a century of sunrises make for a home that’s as interesting as you are. Originally a bustling toy manufacturing hub, this building was converted in 2008 into an enchanting residential space, letting its playful spirit live on.

Wrigley Lofts: Creativity Corner

245 Carlaw Ave., situated in the eclectic Leslieville neighbourhood

Last but not least, we tiptoe into the Wrigley Lofts at 245 Carlaw Ave., where a sale of $2,750,000 tells you this is no ordinary space. This is where creativity comes to play and stay. High ceilings, massive windows, and those iconic concrete mushroom columns make for a loft that’s as functional as it is photogenic. It’s the kind of place where you could brainstorm your next big project or just binge-watch your favorite series in style. Formerly the Wrigley chewing gum factory, this edifice was reinvented as lofts in 1998, providing a minty fresh start for creative minds and loft lovers alike.

Why Choose Homeplicity?

In the world of Toronto lofts, we’re not just agents; we’re matchmakers. We believe that finding the right loft is like finding the right partner: it’s all about compatibility, chemistry, and a little bit of magic. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or just daydream, we’re here to guide you through the loft landscape with a smile and a latte in hand.

Dreaming of loft living? Fancy a tour of these luxe locations? Reach out and let us be your guide to all things lofty in Toronto. At Homeplicity Realty Group, we’re not just selling spaces; we’re selling dreams. And trust us, we’re really good at it.

So, whether you’re a seasoned loft lover or a newbie to the scene, give us a call. Let’s find your dream loft together, and who knows? Maybe one day, we’ll be featuring your loft in our next luxe list.

Until then, keep dreaming big and living bigger!

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