12.1.2022 | Seller Resources

Sleigh What! Are the Holidays a Good Time to Sell Your Home?

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The halls are decked, the bells are jingled, and Elf on a Shelf is out in full force. There’s a reason why we call it the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays are magical. It’s a time to spend with family and friends and relax before starting the new year. 

For many home sellers, this is the prime reason to hit pause on their selling plans, or even pull their home off the market, in some cases. There are already a ton of activities coming your way, so why add selling your house to the list?

People often wonder if there are even any buyers out there who would want to buy their home during the holiday season. 

But we know the answer. It’s YES. Buyers are always looking, no matter what time of year. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider selling your home during the holidays:

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1. Buyer Motivation is as High as the North Pole 

A lot of people take time off for the holidays, and with fewer work commitments, this is the perfect time to house hunt. These buyers are motivated and ready to act fast on a home they love. The majority of buyers in the market during the holiday season are serious buyers, meaning you’ll notice fewer indecisive buyers come through, and more buyers who are ready and motivated to buy ASAP. 

The Toronto real estate market is actually in a pretty good place for buyers right now. If you’re thinking about buying or selling, here are some resources to help answer your questions:

2. You Know Dasher, and Dancer, and Comet, and Blitzen–and None of them are Thinking About Selling Right Now

With most people taking their homes off the market for the holidays, and motivated buyers entering the market ready to buy, it’s no wonder that most smart sellers are successful with their holiday sales. 

With a lack of competition, there will be more buyers looking at your home simply because there’s not as much available for them to choose from. Fewer available listings usually mean a quicker sale and more money for sellers. 

Do you have more unanswered questions about selling your home? Read our FAQ for home sellers right here.

3. The Eggnog Might Be Spiked and Everyone Has a Little Extra Holiday Cheer

Have you ever noticed that the general public is just a teensy bit nicer during the holidays? Everyone seems to be in a better mood. We’re looking forward to parties and decorating, showering our loved ones with gifts, and all that fantastic food and drink. What’s not to be cheerful about? 

Well, the holiday cheer also extends into shopping for a house. Buyers are typically in a great mood and when they walk into a home that is beautifully decorated for the holidays, it gives them all the feels and stirs up a sentimental sense of emotion. They picture hanging their own holiday decorations on their own trees, baking their own cookies, and envisioning their future in the home. The holiday vibes are strong! 

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4. New Year, New Me

For many people, the New Year brings more than just an annual Peleton membership charge on their credit cards. The New Year is also typically when people start new jobs or make plans to make big life changes. 

People want to get settled for the winter semester for their kids. The end of the year is also when many people get their year-end bonuses at work–which is like the icing on the gingerbread house when you’re talking about down payments for a home. 

5. The Most Magical Gift of All–a Tax Break

Buyers who have a signed purchase agreement before December 31 are also entitled to some tax breaks. Savvy and motivated buyers know that they can deduct their mortgage payment interest, property taxes, interest tax on loans, and other benefits before the year is out. 

Additionally, this year, specifically, has an added deadline. The new non-resident home-buying legislation is coming into effect in 2023. Non-residents will be banned from buying properties in Canada for two years. As a result, many non-resident buyers will want to get in before the legislation comes into effect, giving them a deadline of December 31, 2022. 

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